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Four Christmas Gifts For My Husband

Christmas shopping for my husband is always a challenge. He's a particular guy. He takes hours to pick out a gym bag, and days to choose a watch. On my own, I never get it right. He's also the kind of guy who usually buys what he needs and doesn't wait for Christmas. Although I found something to put under the tree for him, the best gifts are ones I can't wrap. They are intan...

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Who is at the Center of Your Marriage?

What is the most effective glue in marriage? Many modern couples would answer, “our children.” The Atlantic recently published an article stating that modern marriages are becoming more child-centered. It is an emerging trend for several reasons. Most notably, more marriages are starting with children who pre-date the couple. What may be less obvious are the unconscious motivations ...

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Are You Leaning In or Leaning Up?

A few years ago, Sheryl Sandberg (the CEO of Facebook and now Google), wrote a best-selling book, Lean In. She shared her observations about women, careers and what keeps women from advancement in the workplace. While I think Lean In has some practical advice for young, aspiring women, it doesn’t take God’s call on our lives into account. Rather than point out the faults in the phil...

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What is Really Behind the Sex Robot Trend

When you think you’ve heard it all… I recently saw an article predicting that having sex with robots will be commonplace within the next decade. Tech manufacturers are working feverishly to create robotic sex partners with the ability to program a person’s emotional and sexual history. These “sexbots” already exist but are being refined to be more realistic physic...

R. Kelly and a Reminder of Evil

As we jump into 2019, we are unfortunately familiar with tragic headlines. Checking your Twitter feed or listening to the day’s news will almost certainly involve learning something that makes your heart sink. Today is no exception as our news feeds are filled with reactions to R. Kelly’s horrific acts of sexual abuse. Because stories like this one are becoming tragically commonp...

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Manhood on a Razor's Edge

Last week, I spent $44 at Costco on Gillette razor blades for my husband. When I heard Gillette had just released a controversial video on toxic manhood, I wondered if I would regret my purchase. Having just watched the Gillette commercial, I couldn’t be more encouraged. I understand that some view it as a criticism of masculinity, but I see it as an invitation to reclaim the valor and va...

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Talk to Your Kids About Sex, Even When You Don't Have it All Together

Dr. Juli Slattery answers the question, "How do I talk to my teenager about sex when my spouse and I are currently in a season of sexual brokenness?"


Are You a Good Samaritan?

I call them the “flannelgraph lessons” — the Bible stories I first heard in Sunday school. The story of the Good Samaritan rates right up there with David and Goliath and Jonah and the great fish. Isn’t if funny (or sad) that we can hear these famous biblical stories countless times and still fail to see their potential application in daily life? Jesus replied, &ld...

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