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What's the Purpose of Marriage?

Recently, a newly wed friend asked me this question. “What’s the purpose of marriage? Sometimes I think of it as free sex and housekeeping. Is marriage just an arrangement of living off my husband financially in exchange for taking care of a home and making meals?” From a purely pragmatic perspective, my friend is right. Marriage is an arrangement of bartering goods and ser...

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Your Marriage Should Be Fun

Someone once asked my husband, Mike, “What’s it like being married to a psychologist?” Mike answered, “It’s great. I get to sleep with my therapist.” In all seriousness, there are some very frustrating things about having a wife who is a psychologist. Probably the greatest drawback is that I always notice what is wrong. Remember the story of “The Pri...

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2 Reasons You’re Hesitant to Talk to Your Kids About Sex (But Shouldn’t Be)

My guest on the blog is Amy Davison, co-author of Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality.* (Check out our online book study!) She's going to clear up two obstacles that keep parents from teaching their kids a biblical worldview of sexuality. Discipleship is not a word you hear that often outside of the occasional sermon series on the Apostles. In fact, I’m willing to bet an...

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3 Reasons To Invite Women Into Conversations About Sexual Brokenness

by Joy Skarka I opened my door and there she stood. She was nervous. I invited her inside my home, offered her a cup of coffee, and we sat down on my couch. I could see the hesitancy on her face as she fidgeted with her phone. I asked her to tell me a bit about her story. My new friend was referred to me by another woman who had sat on my couch just last week and cried as she said I was ...

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My Husband Won't Grow Up

On today's Java with Juli episode, Juli, Hannah, and Yvette talk about what to do when husbands won't grow up. In the course of the conversation, they mention a blog post that Juli wrote that inspired the podcast. That post is below. If you haven't listened to that episode, you can do so here. He spends hours a day playing Call Of Duty, can’t make a decision, and throws a t...

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Why I Care About Your Sex Life

In case you haven’t heard, Fifty Shades of Grey was recently named the best-selling book of the decade. When I saw this come through my newsfeed, my first thought was, “Here we go again…” I’m quite certain that we will have another round of debates about the relative harm of erotica and whose place it is to judge someone else’s sex life. Part of me dreads t...

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Q&A: Should Sex Be Pleasurable for Both Men & Women?

Dr. Slattery answers this important question: "Did God create the act of intercourse to be pleasurable for both men and women without stimulation? How do you work toward that if it doesn't happen naturally?"

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Q&A: Is It Appropriate to Share About Past Affairs With My Adult Kids?

In this week's video, Juli shares three considerations when prayerfully deciding whether to share about past affairs with adult children. "I had affairs early in our marriage which my husband knows about from my confession and repentance years ago. We've needed to revisit and work through this which has been wonderful; however, our kids who are adult and are married know nothin...

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Finding Jesus on Christmas

True confessions... I don't love Christmas. I didn't say I hate Christmas; I just don't love it. My ambivalence around this holiday has developed over time. Too many years of disappointment when a family member's illness cancelled our celebration and all the best gifts broke before New Years. The busyness, the hype, and the commercialism inevitably promises something it can neve...

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Q&A: Do Romance Novels Affect Girls the Way Porn Affects Guys?

"Would you say that romance novels affect girls the way that pornography affects guys?" The answer is yes – and no. In this Q&A video, learn the similarities and differences between romance novels and pornography. If you'd like to keep learning, check out these follow-up resources: Get Juli's book Pulling Back the Shades; Erotica, Intimacy, and the L...

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