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A Hopeless New Year?

Turning my calendar to January 1 is usually refreshing for me. It represents a new year with a clean slate and excitement ahead. So why does ushering in 2020 feel so heavy and discouraging? There are many indications that our culture is quickly moving in a dangerous direction. The publishing industry recently announced that Fifty Shades of Grey is the top selling book of the decade. In fact, th...

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3 Things Sex and Junk Food Have in Common

I recently read a book about sexual patterns among young adults called Premarital Sex in America by Mark Regnerus and Jeremy Uecker. Let’s just say that the news is not good. Americans are having sex younger and sooner in relationships, with more people and are ultimately experiencing less satisfaction in intimate relationships. As a psychologist, I can only imagine the emotional and spir...

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The Great Danger: He Can Have My Body, But...

My guest on this week’s Java with Juli podcast is Jerusha Clark. Jerusha and her husband Jeramy have been sharing their journey of marriage and parenting for many years, encouraging others with what God is teaching them. Jerusha wrote the following guest blog as a follow up to our conversation on Java with Juli. You can find out more about Jerusha’s ministry and books at jandjclark....

Why Your Story Matters

Have you ever wondered if your life matters? Out of all of the people on the planet, why is your life unique? From the time of my childhood, I’ve heard that I was made “in the image of God.” This one truth sets all humanity apart from every other created being. As “image bearers” men and women have a special relationship with God and purpose in life. It is a gre...

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Help! My Husband Is The One With The Headache

Watch a movie or flip through some TV sitcoms and you will hear men always want sex. Men are portrayed as constantly turned on and trying to get their wives into bed while the women are typically shown rolling their eyes. Ask a group “What do men think about most often?” and their answer will no doubt be, “Sex!” When you step into the Christian culture, this stereotyp...

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Is Homemade Porn Okay in Marriage?

Guest Jonathon Daugherty answers the question, "Is homemade porn okay within marriage?" Learn more about Be Broken Ministries.


We Never Orgasm at the Same Time. Does That Matter?

"My husband and I never orgasm at the same time. I want to know why, and I want to know if that's a problem."


Aziz: Another Reminder That Something is Wrong

By Dr. Juli Slattery Several months ago, I got really sick. I was in bed for days with a high fever and chills, a deep cough, and no appetite. I gave the illness several days to run its course, treating my symptoms with Tylenol and cough medicine. When I didn’t get better, my husband took me to the doctor. I had pneumonia. Within 24 hours of taking the right antibiotic, I was on the lo...

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Why Does Sex Matter?

I can remember being a teenager, babysitting at my sister’s house. On her nightstand, she had a book about sex. I was intrigued . . . I was curious! I would never have admitted that to anyone back then, but in the privacy of her house I looked through the book. Asking questions about sex was just awkward and embarrassing. Librarians will tell you that books on sexuality are not often chec...

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How Do We Tell Good From Evil?

by Dr. Juli Slattery Is it wrong to live together before marriage? Does gender really matter? Is it wrong to support gay marriage? These are the types of questions that we often get asked at Authentic Intimacy. Perhaps more than ever, many Christians are confused about right and wrong. In the past 10 years, our moral convictions about sexuality—among other things—have eroded ...

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