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Q&A: How Do I Set Boundaries With A Spouse After Infidelity?

Dr. Slattery answer's this important question: "How do I set boundaries after a betrayal; after infidelity?"

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I Despise Neediness in Myself

This guest post by Mary DeMuth first appeared here. This is one of those posts I am starting that I don’t know how it will end. During this time of COVID, racial tension, and employment worries, I (like you) have had some space to observe my life. And something has bothered me. I get mad when I see someone offer grace to a struggling person. And that makes no sense to me. ...

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So What Exactly Is Biblical Submission?

*The two-part blog series we’re wrapping up this week is a sneak peak into what Dr. Juli Slattery has been working on ... a complete rewrite of her book Finding the Hero in Your Husband. Stay tuned for updates on when it will be released in 2021!* Now that we have established what it does not mean, let’s look at what submission actually means. The word that appears as &ldquo...

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Q&A: If My Husband Is In the Mood, But I Am Not, Should I Take Care of His Needs Anyway?

This week's question is an important one for married couples: " What do you do when your husband is in the mood for sex, but you can’t fulfill his needs because there are a thousand things on your mind? Do you just give into his request even though you are not doing it from the heart?"

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Relational Revelation

As a Christian psychologist, I sometimes feel like I’m in the crosshairs of pastors and therapists who disagree about the road to healing. Those who study theology and teach the Bible often emphasize the importance of God’s Word and prayer. Christians in the therapy world call out the importance of scientific approaches like the need to reprocess trauma or understand the impact of f...

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Q&A: How Do I Help My Family Heal From The Effects of My Porn Use?

Jonathan Daugherty from Be Broken Ministries answers this question for us: "Normally, 'What would Jesus do?' is the right question, but how do I help my wife and children heal from the pain I’ve inflicted as a husband and father from viewing pornography is something Jesus never did?"

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Experience Freedom From Shame

I’ll never forget how I felt the first time I looked into the mirror after being date raped in college. I stood there naked, alone, and ashamed. I began to question God and His love for me. Soon after this moment, I cried out to God in a journal entry. I wrote, God do you care? God were you there? Were you there when her world fell apart? When he took her identity? When he took her...

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Q&A: After Emotional Abuse in Marriage, Can Sex Play a Role in Our Healing As a Couple?

This question comes from a wife: "My husband and I have been working through the emotional abuse and are really establishing some good patterns in our marriage right now. Can our sex life play a role in our healing?"

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As Christians, How Do We Respond to Abuse Allegations in the Church?

No, Lord, not another one! My stomach feels sick every time I see the headline of a Christian leader accused of sexual misconduct. Over the years some of you have reached out to ask me what I think about high profile accusations of Christian leaders. You’ve wondered why I don’t write a timely blog or talk about specific situations on our podcast. I’d like to share my heart...

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Q&A: How Do I Avoid Oversharing About Sexual Struggles?

This question comes from a husband: "I’ve struggled greatly with porn throughout my life and now I have a passion to warn and protect my children. However, my wife is concerned I will overshare, while she struggles with under-sharing and frequently resists these awkward and difficult conversations. What advice would you have for navigating this as a couple and as parents?"

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