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Q&A: Do Romance Novels Affect Girls the Way Porn Affects Guys?

"Would you say that romance novels affect girls the way that pornography affects guys?" The answer is yes – and no. In this Q&A video, learn the similarities and differences between romance novels and pornography. If you'd like to keep learning, check out these follow-up resources: Get Juli's book Pulling Back the Shades; Erotica, Intimacy, and the L...

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Sexual Discipleship®: What Is It, and Why Is It Important?

(Presione aquí para leer en español) For the past five years, I’ve been using this term “sexual discipleship®" to describe the passion behind the ministry Authentic Intimacy. I’ve noticed that when people hear me put those two words together, they are intrigued. Although you may have been discipled in your walk with Christ at some point, chances are, ...

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Q&A: How Do I Connect With My Emotionally Disconnected Husband?

Dear Juli, My husband seems to have very little emotional awareness or energy. He avoids sex when he is emotionally drained, which seems often. I feel resentful that he doesn't save anything for me. When I share how I'm feeling, it just creates a bigger divide. How can I approach this issue more constructively? Are you trying to connect with a disconnected husband? Juli has wisdo...

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Three Things I (Wish I Hadn't) Learned From Pornography

When I was a fifth grader, my friend opened my laptop and introduced me to pornography. At the time, I didn’t know what pornography was, but I did know that it was something new and exciting. Years would go by before I rediscovered porn. In college, after experiencing date rape (my first time having intercourse), I had many questions about sex. My curiosity led me to my reliable friend...

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Q&A: How Do I Have Meaningful Conversations With My Gay Sibling—or Do I?

In this Q&A video, Juli shares advice on reconciling relationships with LGBT+ friends and loved ones. Forty years ago, my brother came out to my mom, dad, and siblings in an abrupt manner. Since then, there have been almost no conversations—it’s just the elephant in the room. We live on opposite sides of the US and we rarely see or talk to each other. How do I start having me...

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Is Sex Sabotaging Love in Your Marriage?

Sex and love. They are supposed to go together, right? To hear some people talk, you might think that sex is the most important part of marriage, and if you listened to others, you’d think it really doesn’t matter at all. How important is a healthy sex life to marriage? As I’ve learned more about God’s design for sex in marriage, I’ve been struck by a staggering...

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Q&A: How Do I Find A Place To Talk About Sexual Struggles?

A listener asks, I've struggled with painful sex and have been working with a counselor. I want to be open with others and have shared with some of my friends at church about what I'm going through. Instead of reaching out to me and asking how I'm doing, they just don't bring it up. I feel alone in my struggle. How can I reach out to a community that often avoids conversations a...

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Seven Reasons Kids Turn To Porn & What You Can Do About It

This blog comes from John Fort, the director of training at Be Broken Ministries. John has many years of experience in sexual addiction recovery, both personally and professionally. He is also the author of Honest Talk: A New Perspective on Talking To Your Kids About Sex.* When my son was 14, my wife and I discovered he'd been looking at porn. Though it wasn't the first time we&...

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Q&A: Should Sex Be Pleasurable for Both Men & Women?

Dr. Slattery answers this important question: "Did God create the act of intercourse to be pleasurable for both men and women without stimulation? How do you work toward that if it doesn't happen naturally?"

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Purity Culture: Lose the Lies, Keep Your Faith

If you want to get “cancelled” in Christian culture, try using the phrase “sexual purity.” Even for many committed Christians, sexual purity has lost its luster. Women are writing dissertations and books about how the Church’s teaching on sex has not only harmed them sexually, but shaken the foundations of their faith in God. What is going on? In the mid 80s an...

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