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Q&A: How Can I Get Comfortable Being Intimate When I Don't Like My Body?

In this video, Juli answers the question: "How can I be comfortable being intimate with my husband when I don't like my body and I don't at all feel sexually attractive?"

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Can You Spiritually Outgrow Your Marriage?

Cathy and Jim had been married for almost 20 years. At the beginning of their marriage, neither of them took their Christian faith too seriously. An occasional visit to church was enough. Through the challenges of raising children, health scares and financial hardship, Cathy began to find support through women's groups. Over time, she developed a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. She r...

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Q&A: How Do I Make Time For Sex Postpartum Or When I Have Young Kids?

Hey Mommas! If you've got little ones, this Q&A is for you. One Reclaim 2.0 participant wrote in: "I would love to hear any advice you have for couples postpartum and with little kids. Lack of sleep, no time for myself, lack of energy for anything—will my husband and I ever get to enjoy sex again?"

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Q&A: I'm Single and In My Late 40s—Do I Still Have to Save Sex for Marriage?

This important question comes from a reader: "I'm single and in my late 40s—do I still have to save sex for marriage?"

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Compassion That Doesn’t Compromise 

I’m in my-mid forties, divorced, and lonely. I love God and want to follow His plan for sex and marriage, but I just can’t find a man who is willing to share that journey with me. I’m not the naive young woman “saving sex for marriage” like I was in my twenties. I’m an adult with longings and needs. I don’t think God would judge me for having sex with t...

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Q&A: How Can I Learn to Initiate Sex With My Husband?

This week's question comes from a woman with a question about sex in marriage, who asks: "Juli, what you've been teaching me is so helpful, it's been like a breath of fresh air into my marriage, but can you give me some practical ideas for how I can initiate sex with my husband?"

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How to Suffer Well Through Sickness 

*TW; mention of assault and trauma. This past spring, I spent 30 nights alone in the hospital without my loving husband by my side. One night, as I laid in my hospital bed, I thought back on the decision I made to marry him. Little did I know how my decision three years ago would impact me today as I walked through this season of physical suffering. Years ago, as I was trying to figu...

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Q&A: Where Do I Begin Healing?

This question comes from a reader: "I’m in a place where God is restoring parts of my life that had been broken, so I can see His true design for these areas—including what’s happened to me in sexual abuse. What is the first step I can take with the Lord to help me understand what I believe and why I believe it for myself?"

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Are You Entitled to (Good) Sex In Marriage?

A man approached me after hearing me speak on the topic of sexual intimacy and thanked me for talking openly about such a vulnerable subject. Then he began sharing his story with me. He had just divorced his wife of 29 years because of a lack of fulfilling sex in their marriage. I wish I had heard you speak when we first got married. At this point, it’s just too late for us. Neither o...

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Q&A: Can Masturbation Ever Be A Good Thing?

This important question comes from a reader: " In your professional opinion, can masturbation ever be good? Can it be something that lets off steam in terms of sexual tension or something that helps you learn your body?"

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