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Q&A: When I Don't Feel Desire, Is "Duty Sex" OK?

Getting stuck in a cycle of "duty sex" will sabotage true intimacy. Learn how to change that pattern and deepen your relationship. Here are a few resources to get you started: God, Sex, & Your Marriage by Dr. Juli Slattery Java #419: Why Sexual Intimacy is About So Much More Than Just Having Sex Passion Pursuit by Dr. Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow Join Dr. Juli Sla...

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Predictability and Passion Can Improve a Boring Sex Life

If you are married, there is a very good chance that you and your spouse have different sexual appetites. This not only applies to how often you want to have sex, but also to how adventurous you would each like to be in the bedroom. A healthy sex life has aspects of both routine and adventure: If a couple builds sexual excitement by always searching for that next new experience, sex becomes...

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Q&A: Does a "Quickie" Count as Sexual Intimacy?

Aren't quickies all about sexual activity and not sexual intimacy? Fast-paced encounters may feel at odds with the patient, intentional moments that build sexual intimacy, but even quickies have a place in healthy sexuality. Here, Juli explains why. This question came up during our "'God, Sex, and Your Marriage' Live Q&A." Grab your own copy of the book to lear...

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Q&A: How Do I Begin to Pray About My Sex Life?

It's a little awkward, we know. Here, Juli shares straight from "the Song" about the pleasure and intimacy God designed for your sex life—and how to ask Him for it. New online book studies going through "Passion Pursuit," "Sex and the Single Girl," or "God, Sex, and Your Marriage" start next week. Grab your spot today!

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Prioritize Sexual Intimacy by Getting Your Bedroom Ready, Part 3

One very practical and creative way to work on sexual intimacy in your marriage is to put thought and intention into the physical space of your bedroom. Whether or not you are aware of it, the environment of your bedroom impacts your sexual intimacy. Here is a quick exercise to show you what I mean: Close your eyes and imagine walking into the following different physical spaces. For each o...

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Q&A: Did Purity Culture Imply that Women are "the Problem" with Lust?

Purity culture has often painted women as "the problem." How can we help people to see others as human beings, rather than potential temptations? In this Q&A, our guest, therapist Dawn Jones, shares how seeing others as human beings created in the image of God starts with looking in the mirror. Hear more from Dawn in our Sex & the Single Christian webinar series! This W...

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Priortize Sexual Intimacy by Getting Your Body Ready, Part 2

Much of my work in helping people navigate sexual issues revolves around how we think about sex. Your thought life, and your understanding of God and sex, are very important to your sex life. However, the basic truth is this: you can’t have sex without a body. Sex, at one level, is a gift exchange of two bodies. I give my body to my husband and he gives his to me. There have been seas...

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Q&A: How Do I Get Past the Shame of Sexual Sin?

"I spent a lot of years getting a doctorate degree in clinical psychology to learn how to talk you out of negative thinking and shame. Here's what I've learned..." In this video, Juli shares what she knows to be the ONLY way to get rid of your shame. Watch to find out how. If you'd like to learn more, here are a few more resources for you: God's Healing Sti...

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Prioritize Sexual Intimacy by Getting Your Mind Ready, Part 1

“Your most important sex organ is your brain.” I remember when I first heard this statement as a young married woman. Enjoying sex is practically impossible without thinking about it. Both men and women can struggle to know how to think about sex in a way that is both exciting and honoring to each other. However, the link between thinking about sex and preparing for it is parti...

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Q&A: Do Patterns of Sexual Sin in Dating Mean We Should Take a Break?

How do you break patterns of sexual sin in dating without taking a break from the relationship? In this video, Juli answers the question with a question (don't you just love it when she does that!?)—and the answer may reveal an issue that runs much deeper than sexual behavior. Want to explore this conversation further? Try these resources: Your Questions About Sex Point to...

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