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Q&A: Finding the Right Time for Sex

This week's question will resonate with just about every married couple: "It seems to me that men and women are different in our readiness and availability for sex—especially when you add kids into the mix. How can we work on coming together when we have energy for sex at different times?"

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Forgiveness is Hard, Grace is Harder

by Dr. Juli Slattery We spend a lot of time as Christ-followers talking about forgiving one another. After all, Jesus taught the importance of forgiveness, saying that our Heavenly Father will not forgive us if we fail to forgive each other. That’s pretty heavy! While forgiveness is a key part of the Christian life, I think that extending grace is perhaps even more necessary in our...

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Q&A: Why stop having sex when you know you're going to get married?

In this video, Juli tackles the question: "I have a friend who is in a long-term sexual relationship with her boyfriend. When we talked about it, she asked me why she should withhold sex now when they have already done it and know they are going to get married. How do I respond?"

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Shame Doesn't Have the Final Word

by Dr. Juli Slattery Most women bask in the comment “You look so young!” but not Jeni. Why? Because she is young … too young to be the mom of a six-year-old girl. When Jeni goes to her daughter’s kindergarten class, she feels out of place with every other mom, many of whom are more than a decade her senior. “I know that God has forgiven me for my sexual sin, bu...

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How Do We Tell Good From Evil?

by Dr. Juli Slattery Is it wrong to live together before marriage? Does gender really matter? Is it wrong to support gay marriage? These are the types of questions that we often get asked at Authentic Intimacy. Perhaps more than ever, many Christians are confused about right and wrong. In the past 10 years, our moral convictions about sexuality—among other things—have eroded ...

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Joshua Harris, Sexuality, and "Deconstructing" Christianity

Image Courtesy DOCS-ology/I Survived IKDG Recently, the evangelical world has been rocked by the news of Joshua Harris’s decision to leave his marriage and Christian beliefs. Joshua is the bestselling author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye and was a well-known spokesperson for the purity movement of the 1990s. A few years ago, Joshua began a journey of listening to people who have been woun...

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How to Have Tough Conversations

(Presione aquí para leer en español) If you listen to our podcast, Java with Juli, you know that I don’t like small talk. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been able to acutely sense unspoken tension in a room. I’m anxious when I have a conflict with a friend or family member, and have trouble finding peace until it is addressed. Maybe this is why I chose to b...

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I'm a Christian, in Love, but Not Sexually Attracted. Am I Broken?

Part of the outreach of Authentic Intimacy is fielding people’s real questions through email and at our events. Over the years, certain questions are asked again and again. Among other common questions, people want to know if masturbation is a sin, how to get past sexual trauma, and how to navigate sexual addiction. But lately, I’m getting asked a new question. It’s about &ldq...

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Where Do You Run When Marriage Gets Lonely?

It’s one thing to be lonely when you are single, wondering if and when God will ever bring the right guy. It’s another matter for your heart to ache with loneliness when the “right guy” is living in your home and sleeping in your bed. If this is your reality, please know that you are not alone. Behind the façade of busyness and “family life,” many marr...

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Beyond a Happy Marriage

Within the past month, I’ve been accused of two things that seem to be mutually exclusive. A few women have made comments like, “Why don’t you ever challenge the men? Why is it always the woman’s responsibility to build a healthy marriage?” And men have written me with this kind of complaint, “The Bible says that wives should fulfill their husband&rsquo...

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