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Is Homemade Porn Okay in Marriage?

Guest Jonathon Daugherty answers the question, "Is homemade porn okay within marriage?" Learn more about Be Broken Ministries.


Helping Your Husband Grow UP

We’ve written before about the growing trend of husbands who would rather play their Xbox or Nintendo Switch—or spend hours glued to ESPN, oblivious of your screaming child and leaking roof—than step into adult responsibilities. Whatever the scenario, the burden of “emotional labor” often falls heavily on the wife. If, as a wife, you find yourself here, how sho...

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Can I Marry a Guy Who Slept Around?

Dr. Juli Slattery answers the question, "What would you tell a woman who struggles with hurt, jealousy and insecurity due to her husband's sexual history prior to their marriage? Any time I hear this talked about the response is always: everyone is a sinner, you must forgive, God can heal anything, etc. But that doesn't address the residual consequences of that sin and the pain fel...


Learning to Be a Promise-Breaker

Has anyone ever told you that it may be healthy to break your promises? No, I’m not talking about going back on your word or taking your wedding vows lightly. I’m referring to a different category of vows … the kind of promises that people rarely acknowledge. Our most powerful promises are usually ones that we never speak and may not even be conscious that we’ve mad...

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How Can I Bond with My Boyfriend Without Having Sex?

Dr. Juli Slattery answers the question, " How do I have healthy intimacy in a dating relationship? How do we bond without having sex?"


A Hopeless New Year?

Turning my calendar to January 1 is usually refreshing for me. It represents a new year with a clean slate and excitement ahead. So why does ushering in 2020 feel so heavy and discouraging? There are many indications that our culture is quickly moving in a dangerous direction. The publishing industry recently announced that Fifty Shades of Grey is the top selling book of the decade. In fact, th...

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The World Has a Lot to Say About Sex

If you haven’t noticed, our views on sexuality have changed quite a bit over the past 20 years. Americans are far more accepting of behaviors they once considered to be sexually immoral. Cohabitation, having sex outside of marriage, no-fault divorce, viewing pornography, gender fluidity, and polygamy, among others, have dramatically gained approval in our cultural context. Politicians and...

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Should I Fake Orgasm?

Dr. Juli Slattery answers the question, "I've been married for 25 years, and frankly, sex has never been pleasurable. We have sex two-three times a week and I just bear it. Should I fake pleasure? How do I improve our sex life?"


What's the Purpose of Your Sexuality, Really?

If someone asks you, “What are your thoughts on cohabitation?” or “Do you believe God is ok with gay marriage?” how would you respond? To answer those questions, you will (without even realizing it) tap into your underlying beliefs about the purpose of sexuality. Every opinion you have about sexual issues is rooted in a larger narrative of what you believe about sex&mda...

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