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Q&A: Is Taking Care of My Body Part of My Role in Marriage?

Dr. Juli Slattery answers the question "Is physically caring for ourselves part of our role in marriage and intimacy?"


Don't Waste the Pain

Practically every conversation I’ve had in the last week has contained a phrase like, “These are strange times.” Strange times, indeed. Never in our lives have we walked through so much uncertainty. Our health, careers, and security all seem to be dangling on a precarious cliff. Regardless of how much news you consume, the future remains uncertain and unpredictable. As a...

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Q&A: Was It My Fault?

Dr. Juli Slattery answers the question: "How do I heal from an experience that wasn't quite rape. Initially I said no, but then I gave in and did it anyway (and I enjoyed parts of it). I feel awful. Do I ask for forgiveness knowing parts of this was unwanted, but also feeling that I was 'asking for it'?"


Did He Pass the Test?

This morning, I met with a group of friends to encourage each other in our marriages. As we talked, one of the women described her discouragement when her husband failed to text her during the day about something that was important to her. “He knew my sister was going into surgery. I just told him a few days ago that I was really worried about it. It hurts me that he didn’t think...

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Q&A: What's the Difference Between Sex and Sexuality?

Dr. Juli Slattery answers the question: "Juli, would you please give us your definition of sexuality? Just this morning I started going through a Rethinking Sexuality study with a group of women who are active disciple-makers in various spheres of influence. We range in age from 35 to 60, and all of us are struggling to articulate the difference between "sex" and "sexuali...


Stop Trying So Hard!

Several years ago, I met with a spiritual mentor with whom I shared an ongoing battle with a particular sin. We had been meeting every month for over a year, yet I was still tempted by the same sin. I didn’t feel like I was making any spiritual progress! I asked her, “When will I stop battling this sin?” She wisely responded, “When you stop battling, you will have lost.&...

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Q&A: We Never Orgasm at the Same Time. Does That Matter?

Juli answers this important question: "My husband and I never orgasm at the same time. I want to know why, and I want to know if that's a problem."


Q&A: Is Homemade Porn OK in Marriage?

Guest Jonathon Daugherty answers the question: "Is homemade porn OK within marriage?" Learn more about Be Broken Ministries.


Helping Your Husband Grow UP

We’ve written before about the growing trend of husbands who would rather play their Xbox or Nintendo Switch—or spend hours glued to ESPN, oblivious of your screaming child and leaking roof—than step into adult responsibilities. Whatever the scenario, the burden of “emotional labor” often falls heavily on the wife. If, as a wife, you find yourself here, how sho...

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Q&A: Can I Marry a Guy Who Slept Around?

Dr. Juli Slattery answers the question: "What would you tell a woman who struggles with hurt, jealousy and insecurity due to her husband's sexual history prior to their marriage? Any time I hear this talked about the response is always: everyone is a sinner, you must forgive, God can heal anything, etc. But that doesn't address the residual consequences of that sin and the pain ...