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Q&A: Where Do I Begin Healing?

This question comes from a reader: "I’m in a place where God is restoring parts of my life that had been broken, so I can see His true design for these areas—including what’s happened to me in sexual abuse. What is the first step I can take with the Lord to help me understand what I believe and why I believe it for myself?"

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Are You Entitled to (Good) Sex In Marriage?

A man approached me after hearing me speak on the topic of sexual intimacy and thanked me for talking openly about such a vulnerable subject. Then he began sharing his story with me. He had just divorced his wife of 29 years because of a lack of fulfilling sex in their marriage. I wish I had heard you speak when we first got married. At this point, it’s just too late for us. Neither o...

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Q&A: Can Masturbation Ever Be A Good Thing?

This important question comes from a reader: " In your professional opinion, can masturbation ever be good? Can it be something that lets off steam in terms of sexual tension or something that helps you learn your body?"

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“Is Masturbation a Sin?” You May Be Asking the Wrong Question

(Presione aquí para leer en español.) Whenever I speak to a group of people about sexuality, I try to include time for an anonymous Q&A session. No matter who is listening, young or old, male or female, married or single, I am sure to be asked about masturbation: Is it wrong? What does the Bible say about it? Many Christians have spoken and written on the topic, some of th...

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Q&A: Juli, What Is the Most Important Thing You've Learned Since Founding Authentic Intimacy?

This question comes from a reader: "Juli, what is the most important thing you've learned since founding Authentic Intimacy?"

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Why Age Doesn’t Always Lead to Wisdom

With each birthday celebration, I have friends and relatives who console each other by saying something like, “At least we are getting wiser!” There is an old adage that with age comes wisdom. Without a doubt, the longer we live on the planet, the more we have seen and experienced. It’s tempting to look at younger generations with a knowing smile that says, “You’re...

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Q&A: How Do I Avoid Oversharing About Sexual Struggles?

This question comes from a husband: "I’ve struggled greatly with porn throughout my life and now I have a passion to warn and protect my children. However, my wife is concerned I will overshare, while she struggles with under-sharing and frequently resists these awkward and difficult conversations. What advice would you have for navigating this as a couple and as parents?"

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As Christians, How Do We Respond to Abuse Allegations in the Church?

No, Lord, not another one! My stomach feels sick every time I see the headline of a Christian leader accused of sexual misconduct. Over the years some of you have reached out to ask me what I think about high profile accusations of Christian leaders. You’ve wondered why I don’t write a timely blog or talk about specific situations on our podcast. I’d like to share my heart...

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Q&A: After Emotional Abuse in Marriage, Can Sex Play a Role in Our Healing As a Couple?

This question comes from a wife: "My husband and I have been working through the emotional abuse and are really establishing some good patterns in our marriage right now. Can our sex life play a role in our healing?"

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Experience Freedom From Shame

I’ll never forget how I felt the first time I looked into the mirror after being date raped in college. I stood there naked, alone, and ashamed. I began to question God and His love for me. Soon after this moment, I cried out to God in a journal entry. I wrote, God do you care? God were you there? Were you there when her world fell apart? When he took her identity? When he took her...

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