What We're About

Authentic Intimacy is a non-profit organization designed to minister to women on all topics related to intimacy in marriage and intimacy with God. We are addressing sexual intimacy within the framework of marriage but also speaking into the emotional and spiritual intimacy of women using practical examples and everyday language.

What you'll experience here is unlike what has been offered anywhere. Our goal is to build a community of women who feel safe addressing their questions and struggles with intimacy. We're not afraid to talk about the "tough" topics, and we promise that our interactions will always be God-honoring, friendly, and conversational.

Do you ever wonder if there's hope? If love really exists in a world so wrapped up in lust? Or maybe you have shut the doors to your heart but know that "this isn't how life is supposed to be." There are so many women who have these kinds of questions but don't know where to go – or who to ask. That's why we're glad you found us.

Our intent is to empower you with God's perspective and to help you understand your unique role and beauty as a woman. We invite you to come back to our site to participate in our blogs and online forums. You can ask your questions about life's most significant heart issues and get the answers that are right for your situation. We're working on a wide variety of articles and videos, interviews and special features to help you work through what your heart desires… Authentic Intimacy.


Who's Involved

Dr. Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow are gifted women from two generations, but share one mind when it comes to God's healing truth. They have combined their decades of writing, teaching, media and counseling experience to develop cutting-edge, Biblically based resources for today's woman.

Dr. Juli Slattery is a widely known clinical psychologist, author, speaker and broadcast media professional. Her commitment to biblical principles, relatable style and quick wit have made her a highly sought after speaker to women's groups.

Juli served as the co-host of the Focus on the Family daily broadcast from 2010-2012. She then sensed the Lord calling her to leave her position at Focus to co-found Authentic Intimacy. Juli's books include Finding the Hero In Your Husband, No More Headaches, Beyond the Masquerade and Guilt Free Motherhood. She is also a regular contributor to Today's Christian Woman.

She and her husband Mike have been married for 19 years. They are raising their three boys in Colorado Springs where Juli can be found playing in the mountains and trying to manage her addiction to soy lattes.

Linda Dillow is the best selling author of Calm My Anxious Heart, What's It Like To Be Married To Me?, and Creative Counterpart, among many other books. She co-authored Intimate Issues and Intimacy Ignited with Lorraine Pintus. She and Lorraine have spoken to women around the world on God's perspective of sexuality. Linda is a respected Bible teacher and conference speaker. Women respond to her wisdom and compassion by describing her as "the mom they never had."

Linda and her husband, Jody, served asmissionaries for 17 years, living in Europe and Asia and training Christian leaders. They have been married for 49 years, have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.

Meet the Team

JULI – President

I love my job at Authentic Intimacy because it is God's call on my life for this season. Everywhere I look, I see lives ruined by unfulfilled promises of love and sexual brokenness. God is able to redeem our pain and restore us to wholeness when we seek His truth and healing. It all begins with authentically knowing and trusting God. Through this ministry, God is redeeming women's lives and marriages with His truth. What could be more exciting than that?!


LINDA – Spiritual Director

I am SO blessed and privileged to be part of the Authentic Intimacy team!  Christian marriages were in better shape 49 years ago when I got married.  Then the statistic was only 1 out of 1, 039 Christian couples divorced.  Today we hear of another Christian couple divorcing every day.  As the view of sexuality in the world slides progressively downward, I long to encourage Christian wives that God is for their marriages, He is for exciting, intoxicating sexual intimacy.  It is a joy to get to open God’s Word and share His truth with women!

DEANA--- Executive Producer

Women and young girls are subjected to so much pain and abuse, it’s staggering. When we’re wounded, we buy into what the culture is selling, and sometimes, make huge mistakes that we think can never be forgiven. Generational dysfunction causes us to identify with the lie that we’re “unlovable” or “damaged”—but nothing could be farther from the Truth! Working with Authentic Intimacy, I get to be a conduit of God’s love, His mercy, and supernatural redemptive power. God has allowed me to help marriages succeed and help women see themselves as God sees them…beautiful, lovely, passionate, valuable, daughters of the King! I’ve got the best gig in the world!

TERRY--- Publisher and Business Manager

My heart breaks for the state of Christian marriages today. The statistics tell us we are no different than the rest of the world and that is unacceptable. But how do we stop the tide? The whole topic can seem so overwhelming. Then God gave Linda and Juli the message of Authentic Intimacy. Through them (and many others), Our Mighty King is engaged in a life-and-death battle for marriage around the world against an enemy who has deviously twisted God’s design for intimacy for far too long. Christian marriage can be different. It can be a light shining in a dark, dirty, weary world. Authentic Intimacy is part of God’s arsenal in this epic struggle. I strap on the armor daily to be part of that fight.

HANNAH – Communications Specialist

Authentic Intimacy combines two things I am highly passionate about—God and marriage. In college, God showed me how His scripture has Truth for every situation, question, struggle, and area of my life. Listening to Juli and Linda, God revealed a whole new area of truth to proclaim—intimacy in marriage. I am filled with joy for the hope and renewal this information brings to so many women as I work with the material of Authentic Intimacy. It makes me want to jump up and down and yell, "There is something greater than what you feel stuck in! God brings healing and hope!" It is a privilege to be a part of what God is reviving through this work.