Why I'm Running

By Allison Peterson

In our family the phrase “it’s not about you” is a mainstay. It has served as the foundation of gentle reminders, strong... read more »»

Moving In Before Marriage

By Dr. Juli Slattery

Would you ever buy a car without taking a "test drive?" Would you throw a huge party at a restaurant when... read more »»

Covered in Shame

By Ginger Taddeo

“My body is not my own; it never has been. It is a vessel that stores my shame and hides behind layers of... read more »»

The Divorce Rate Myth

By Dr. Juli Slattery

Have you ever heard that statistic that half of all marriages end in divorce? Or that you have a 50... read more »»

When You've Been Deeply Hurt

By Dr Juli Slattery

I often get asked questions about forgiveness from women who have been betrayed or violated by someone close... read more »»

Human Trafficking? That Was Me.

By A friend of Authentic Intimacy

Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to wake up this morning in slavery. The... read more »»

When Being “Real” Isn’t The Right Choice

By Dr Juli Slattery

Recently, while checking into a hotel, I was making small talk with the person behind the counter.... read more »»

Dressing Sexy: Modesty and Marriage

Dr. Juli Slattery

Much has been written for Christian women on the topic of modesty and most of it is addressed to single women.... read more »»

Confessions of an Envious Bride

By Rachel Bohanan

A beach honeymoon on the Riviera - sounds romantic doesn’t it? Not so much...

On the morning of our...

Bored with "Same Old Sex"

By Dr. Juli Slattery

After about ten years of marriage, I noticed that intimacy had become . . . well . . . boring. In fact, I was so bored... read more »»